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G.R.O Notices
Queries can be made Monday - Thursday between the hours 8am - 11:30am.
Marriage Licences can be uplifted Monday - Friday between 8am - 10am ONLY

G.R.O Overview

General Administration Section

The Registrar General, the administrative head of the General Register Office is responsible for coordinating the activities of the department. The section maintains all files and records pertaining to the Personnel and Financial Management of the department. It is also responsible for all the housekeeping functions, secretarial, typing and messengered duties. The Registrar General is assisted in administrating the section by the Deputy Registrar General, The Head of Administration, the Head of Transcription/ Search Section, the supervisor of the Dispatch and the supervisors of the two units, Transcription and Search. 

The Dispatch/Search Section

The section is headed by a supervisor, who is assisted by officers in carrying out its activities. This section receives the applications with transmission forms in padlocked bags from the Guyana Post Office. The application forms are sorted; accession numbers inserted then are passed to the supervisor for Search. This unit is also responsible for the dispatch of certificates to the Guyana Post Office, after they are signed and sealed.


A Postal Officer is located in the unit to assist in inserting the correct Post office to which certificates are to be placed. Enquires and information concerning certificates are also dealt with in this section.

The section also determines the time open in which certificates are received by applicants. A delay in forwarding applications to search results in delays throughout the system.

Operation Section

The Head of this section supervises the activities of the Transcription and Search Units. Also responsible for maintaining the registration form received from the centres, keeping a clean check on these registrars not submitting returns on time. Assists in research and in the making up of the accounts for Registrars. The head also monitors the dispatch and receipt of the work sent to the microfilming unit. The Marriage Unit although operation separately is placed under this section.

Search Unit

This unit is headed by a supervisor with officers who assist in its activities. It is responsible for processing the applications received from the Dispatch/Receipt section. The supervisor after sorting applications passes them to the officers according to the allocated areas of search.

Searchers insert the correct information from the registers and return the completed forms to the supervisor for inspection and amendments if necessary. The processed applications are then passed to the Transcription Unit.

Transcription Unit

This Unit is headed by a supervisor who supervises the activities of officers. The supervisor sorts and inspects the application form, then passes them to the Transcription Unit to be written. After completion the supervisor books the finished work then passes it to the Deputy Registrar General for signature and sealing.

Microfilming Unit

The Microfilming Unit stores and maintains the birth entries on microfilm, the unit supplies copies of birth entries on request. The operation is done by and officer of the Search Section who is assisted by a transcriber in processing request. The unit falls within the Operations section.

Marriage Unit

The unit is primarily responsible for the processing of petitions for obtaining Marriage License. The certificates of all marriages perform at the General Register Office are also issued by the unit.

The sorting of and the compilation of the Register of Marriages perform throughout the country are done in this Unit.

The processing of most of the application and the writing up of the certificates are done by the Operations Section.

Births and Deaths are registered at the centre by registration form details given by informants. The details are recorded on Registration forms comprising an original and two copies. The Registrar given the informant the Birth copy; sends the original to the General Registrar Office and retains the copy as part of the centre’s records.

Returns of Births and Deaths recorded at the centres are forwarded to the General Register Office for checking and the processing of accounts.