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Registering a Birth

Birth Registration

Register your baby’s birth within 14 days of birth

When registering your child’s birth ensure you have;

 Your Hospital discharge \ Midwife statement

Yourself and the father with your ID card \ Passports

If married, your marriage certificate*

The correct spelling of

i.            Your child’s name 

ii.           Your name

iii.          The father’s name


*Either the mother or the father of the child could register the birth if a marriage certificate is presented, both parents need not be present.

Father’s Name:


But her husband is NOT the FATHER of the child the mother can;

Register the child but leave the father’s name out


Let the father of the child, along with yourself sign the registration form


Both parents must present themselves to the registrar

If the father is unavailable, register without him and you will have unto your child’s 1st birthday to take the father to the General Register Office and have his name registered

Correction of Birth Registration Forms

If you wish to add a name or change the name you have given your baby, you can take the registration form to the General Register Office in Georgetown, New Amsterdam or Anna Regina and effect your changes before your child attains its first birthday. This service is free of charge

If any name is incorrectly spelt on the Birth registration form, take same to the General Register Office in Georgetown, New Amsterdam or Anna Regina where corrections will be done.

Registration by Declaration After 14 Days

If you did not register your child’s birth within the 14 days period you must:

Go to the General Register Office in Georgetown or Anna Regina, Essequibo or New Amsterdam, Berbice and fill the Birth Declaration form

Take G$2 worth of revenue stamps

Take the Hospital discharge slip or a statement from the midwife

Take the declaration back to the place of birth and have the birth registered

Register at the hospital where your child was born or at the nearest Health centre if the child was not born at the hospital.

Parents residing in the hinterlands, register your child at the nearest hospital, Health Center or your Community Health Worker.

Re- Registration of Births

When the biological parents of a child are legally married after the birth and birth registration of the child, the parents if desirous can have the child’s birth Re-Registered.

The parents must submit their application by way of a sworn affidavit requesting the birth be Re-Registered, along with a copy of the Marriage Certificate to the General Register’s office in Georgetown, Anna Regina or New Amsterdam.

N.B Please keep all birth registration forms in a safe place, your birth registration form is a very important document; always keep them for future reference.

Births outside of Hospital

Births occurring outside of a hospital can be registered at any government hospital or health centre in the region in which the birth occurs.

No fee is charged for the registration of the birth in these cases

A copy of the registration of birth will be given to the parent or the person registering the birth on behalf of the parent(s).

The original of the Registration of Birth must be filed with the GRO and the registration centre keeps the second copy for its files.

Late Registration Requirements

  • The person to be registered must be one year or older
  • Affidavit for Late Registration
  • Proof of Birth
  • The Applicant should also take all documents to the General Register Office in Georgetown, Anna Regina or New Amsterdam

Anyone who gives false information to a registrar or causes a false registration to be done could be arrested and charged by the police.