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Universal Birth Registration

A Roadmap for achieving Universal Birth Registration – Guyana

The General Register Office (G.R.O) is tasked with ensuring Guyana achieves Universal Birth Registration on or before January 2015 and has been working assiduously for the past ten (10) years on this project. Every Guyanese must be aware of the process to obtain, and the benefits of having a birth certificate.

 Universal Birth Registration has been identified as an important aspect for Countries achieving and monitoring the Millennium Development Goals that promotes gender and equality, children and health issues. 

PLAN-INTERNATIONAL one of the world’s oldest non-Governmental Development Organisation launched the Universal Birth Registration Campaign in February 2005 with a call for Governments worldwide to significantly increase efforts to achieve Birth Registration, and for every citizen to be in possession of a Birth Certificate by 2015, through decentralizing of the registration process and raising public awareness on birth registration its process and benefits.

 A birth certificate is one’s first personal identification and proof of one’s nationality that enables admission to school, to acquire photo identification(s), and to pursue

newbc one’s academic vocation.  It is Proof, if age is critical in ensuring prosecution in sexual offences and prevention of early employment and child marriages. All births occurring in the Republic of Guyana are required by law to be registered regardless of the parent(s) legal or marital status.

There is no time frame to registered births but different systems, for children under one year and for those one year and older.

Birth Registration is free as stated in the Birth & Death Act(Chapter 44:01 Registration of Births and Deaths Act).

In Guyana the General Register Office identified the undermentioned as barriers to achieving Universal Birth Registration and formulated projects to address them:

·        Under registration in Regions 1, 7, 8 & 9 (our Amerindian Communities)

·        Late Registration

·        Inadequate registration centres

·        Decentralization of General Register Office services

·        Contemporaneous birth registration.

                 Public awareness of the process and benefits of birth registration

In 2003 with a view of correcting the under registration of  our indigenous communities in Regions 1, 7, 8, & 9, the General Register Office staff visited img-20131111-04745the regions and effected some registrations, this project was  time consuming and very costly but continued unto 2005 when the Ministries of Home Affairs and Ministry of Amerindian Affairs combined managerial skills and personnel  resulting in two hundred (200) Toshoas and Community Development Officers joining the project, this large workforce ensured all requests from every village for registration and certificates were brought to the General Register Office for processing and certificates returned to each village.


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